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I really have had a horrible rash on my arm for years.  I've been to the dermatologist three times and they kept giving me increasingly stronger cortico-steroid creams.  I don't like using that kind of stuff.  Not sure how petroleum can be a medicine. 

My sister had me try the stuff her doctor prescribed.  It was antifungal.  A google search turned up your products.  I bought it through the McComb website. I'm also working on modifying my diet. 

I've used stuff that draws out things, but nothing has healed my skin like this cream.  The body wash just came in.  I'm really excited about wearing short sleeves again!

Thanks so much.

Fungal Candia Cream

Fungal Candida Cream

I just wanted to say I am very excited about your products. I have been combing through the internet for days looking for just the right fit and I finally did with Taylor Made Organics. Thanks for making such lovely products. I  can't wait to use them!


Gingerbread Creme Hand and Body Lotion And the gingerbread creme lotion--well, I'm going to have to order it, its luscious! from: Susan S

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Susan S

Gingerbread Creme Hand and Body Lotion Love your gingerbread creme lotion! It smells wonderful and, like all your lotions and moisturizers, absorbs right away with no greasy feeling. from-Susan J

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Susan J

Acai Lip Plumper: I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new Acai Superior Age Defying Lip Plumper. As someone who has probably tried every other non organic / natural lip plumper on the market I was a little skeptical as to whether the results would be as good. Well, I am AMAZED! Not only does it glide on beautifully, sme...ll delicious and give just a hint of shine, it works!!!!! In fact, it works better than any plumper I have ever tried!!!! I am a hooked!!!!

Kristen from New Hampshire

Acai Body Lotion: I got the new Acai Body Lotion a few days ago, and I'm ready to write you - it's AMAZING. It's really rich and thick and it reminds me of whipped cream. It definitely keeps my skin hydrated all day, which is great, because I get extremely dry skin when cold weather hits. I've always loved sea buckthorn and acai, and it...'s hard to find body lotions with both of them - plus hyaluronic acid, plus MSM, plus all the extracts and oils and essences that you add in! I should mention that I have mild arthritis in my knees, as well as fibromyalgia, and I've been massaging the lotion into all my sore spots. I think it's really soothing, especially with the MSM, and the acai and sea buckthorn oils with their omega balance. I would absolutely recommend the Acai Lotion for people with muscle pain and joint pain.

Acai Superior Body Lotion

Joanna from Maryland

Acai Superior Age Defying Lip Plumper: I received the 2 lip plumpers I ordered, yesterday.  Wow, my lips love the cinnamon and tingly feeling it gives them!   Thanks for a wonderful products!!!

Nancy from California
I have battled Rosacea for years without realizing what it was until recently. Mine affects my nose with hugh, filled pores and my eyes by being red, watery, and sensitive. So far, I have pretty much experienced a miracle with the Rosacea cleanser and cream! The hugh pores all over my face have actually returned to normal and the fill...ed pores on my nose have improved dramatically! The Chamomile Eyebright cream is wonderful and can be used on the eyelid as well as all around the eye. My eyelids are no longer red and oily and eye makeup is easier to apply. The doctor had given me an antibiotic cream for the rosacea that had not even improved it one bit and I had tried lots of scrubs, etc. over the years that actually made it worse! Thanks for these great products. Can't wait to try more!
Ester from OH

I keep ordering more and more products - these are the best I have ever found! Their salves are of supreme quality as well as the skin care lines. I am so happy to have found them.


I'll be honest, at first I was skeptical about trying Christy's line- because now days, everybody seems to claim their products are "natural" and "organic"...Well, she was true to her word and I LOVE these products!!! It's the only thing that works for me- literally. I've tried so many different products that only seemed to work for a... short period of time, then they would make my skin worse(Pro-active;Clinique;Origins;etc.). Not Taylor Made. Christy's line is 100% natural and you can tell as soon as you start using it. My face just gets better and better. I've been using the Acne line for probably a year and a half now- which has worked wonders so far. It makes my skin so clear and soft looking that I don't need makeup to cover those pesky little red bumps!! The only thing is, I have extremely sensitive skin, which I feel has gotten even more sensitive after I turned 21. I just recently switched to the Aloe Calendula line(for sensitive skin), which I can't wait to try! All I know is that I'll be a customer for years to come because I don't like wasting a lot of money on products that promise something, but never follow through. Thank you Christy!!


I use a variety of the Taylor Made products. I was first attracted to them due to the organic and natural ingredients. My fave product of late as been Achy Foot Peripheral Neuropathy Cream with Arnica CO2 extract and Coenzyme Q10.

This Cream truly makes my feet feel better. I prefer using it, if the pain isn't too bad, so that I do not... have to take prescription medication. I don't understand the *how* of the product - how it works. But I do know that it works for me, plus it softens my feet.


i love your products i tryed them from a family member and i had to quickly order a bunch myself! the sugar scrub is amazing!


I have a client who is a Master Gardener at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.

I have been treating her for over a year and she comes to me faithfully every 6 weeks for a facial.
Her skin has steadily improved.
However, even with the regularly scheduled facials, her skin felt like sandpaper since she spends so much time outdoors.
I recommended the herbal skin salve to her.
She started applying the Herbal Skin Salve twice daily and I noticed a marked improvement in her skin.
Now it is so soft and some of her wrinkles have become less noticeable.
A wonderful product !!!
Submitted by: 
Sue Moll, NC Licensed Esthetician,
Peaceful Pampering,
Fletcher, NC  28732  
Sue Moll, Esthetician


I have a client who came to me this past summer with mild case of dermatitis.
He did indicate that when the weather got colder his case of dermatitis got worse.
He ordered a bar of the Psoriasis Eczema Dermatitis Soap and the dermatitis was cleared up 75% afterusing the soap for two days.
Within a week of using this soap exclusively, his skin is completely clear.
A wonderful product !!!
Submitted by: 
Sue Moll, NC Licensed Esthetician,
Peaceful Pampering,
Fletcher, NC  28732  
Sue Moll, NC Licensed Esthetician,

All of the products I have tried are absolutely wonderful! The aloe calendula facial cleanser is a particular favorite, now my whole family uses it ! The muscle ease shower gel and lotion are also must haves, truly wonderful.

Cathy C.

I also love the acne line. I probably tried everything out there and didn't realize what damage I was doing to my skin in the process. I tried Taylor Made Organics a couple months before my wedding, my face cleared up, and I'm still using the products 2 years later!

Crystal N

I am using the skin care line for acne and I love it. My skin feels clean for the first time in forever and my rosacea is under control too. I love your products! I love washing my face now!


One of the things I'm using is the psoriasis/eczema cream. I'm using it on my rosacea (yes, I know they have a rosacea cream but this actually works way better for my rosacea) This is one of the very few things that has ever worked for me. I love their products!


The COQ facial cream is the BEST moisturizer for skin I've ever experienced! It has made my skin soooo incredibly even, supple, and has even made it LESS oily, and I thought that was something that would never happen for me! I am obsessed with this stuff, and use it morning AND night! I love it. I know it has made ...a difference in my skin's appearance. Sometimes I even go without makeup! Gasp!!! This product is just AMAZING!


Coenzyme Q10 Cream


I love the pomegrante green tea facial cream. It is so smooth and soothing and doesn't feel greasy like some non- Taylor Organic facial creams.

Pomegranate Green Tea Cream


Taylor Made products are quality products for an affordable price! I especially love the Calendula Chamomile cream (here) for my dry skin (blame the Canadian cold weather!) and my son's eczema--it works wonderful, and smells beautiful!

Ranae from Canada

I am so impressed with this company, obvious Christian values, ethics, living the faith, and absolutely wonderful products. I have severe inflammation, swelling and neuropathy; the "Achy Foot Peripheral Neuropathy Creme" works much better than any I have tried including prescription meds. Thanks!


I've been dealing with eczema on my hands for a few years now... first just really dry bad dryness, and then it evolved into these little tiny pustules underneath the skin. After unsuccessfully trying every steroid cream and antihistamine shot known to dermatologists, I decided to try this. I was extremely skeptical of paying this much for such a small container, but to my surprise the stuff actually works. It definitely took a few weeks of using on a regular basis, but my hands are all cleared up now. I use a tiny bit a few times a day now, just because I really don't want it to come back (and I'm not sure if stopping it's use will do that). I highly recommend this product.

Andrew, Psoriasis Eczema Cream