Acne Blemish Facial Organic Cleansing Sample Kit

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Gentle, non -irritating or drying acne blemish facial products are used for all skin types. Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Chaparral, and all the other ingredients works quickly to remove bacteria or fungus  and therefore clearing facial or body acne whether regular acne, hormonal, teen, blemishes, adult, or pregnancy acne. Not only does it clear your skin, but moisturizes, heals, comforts, protects, and prevents future outbreaks.

Key Ingredients:

Pau d' Arco an anti-viral, antifungal, astringent, anti tumor, and antibacterial herb is known for it's abilities to cleanse yeast, fungus, and candidia not only on the skin but from within. Pau d' Arco has been used topically on eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, skin cancers all while purifying the blood.

Comfrey one of my favorite herbs. When spring comes, it's one of the first herbs I am digging to see if it's popped it's lush green leaves up out of the ground. Comfrey has numerous healing properties. Rich in calcium and known as the "knit healer" herb. Internal it has been used to "knit" bones back together. My brother in particular, we gave him Comfrey internal for a broken collar bone. The break was a jagged split and we all know they put your arm in a sling and send you home. The doctor said it would take months to heal and would not heal properly. Let's just say it healed completely in 4 weeks and the bone knitted back normally as it was before the break with no signs it was even broke. Comfrey is also known for it's natural cell proliferator properties or increasing new cell growth. What does that mean? Well it speed the time the tissue would normally take to heal an area such as a surgical area or deep wound. If you every used cortisone on your skin over a period of time, you have probably noticed the skin is thin. Comfrey could be used topically to thicken or promote cell or skin growth and thicken the skin back again normally.  Comfrey is great on scars because of it's healing cell proliferator properties. I could keep going on and on about this herb.

Witch Hazel is a mild astringent to shrink open area(s) and increase circulation to speed the healing process.

Chaparral also known as "Echinacea of the West" has long been known for it's ability to cleanse, detoxify and stop infection.

Tea Tree a natural anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral herb has been traditionally known for it's healing abilities for acne and fungus aka yeast on the skin. Topically it can be applied neat on blemishes, toe nail fungus, ringworm, jock itch, heat rash, candidia, yeast, alopecia, cracked heals associated with fungus.

Lemon essential oil smells devine, but it also holds astringent properties as well as cleaning abilities. Lemon also lights the skin naturally (bleaching effect).

Lavender an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral herb is pleasant not only in smell but for it's rich purple color. One of my favorite herbs to grow and add into skin care products, as you can tell. Lavender's rich purple color is amazing when it's planted beside Chamomile's white leaves and yellow center. The two together smell like honey when you walk by on a crisp summer morning. Lavender can be applied neat as well as in skin care products such as creams, ointments, balms for bug bites, skin irritations, bee stings, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, diaper rash, laser burn, acne blemish skin, and inflamed muscles. Lavender is truly a medicinal herb for all skin care issues from A-Z. It's not only on of my favorite herbs, but's always in my First Aid kit!

Yarrow is an astringent like witch hazel to draw and shrink large pores, skin eruptions, and tighten the skin.

Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory herb and balances skin tones. It's very useful for sensitive erupted skin. Chamomile has a sweet aroma with powerful properties.

A customer who was using ProActive stated "Your products works better than ProActive!". I have been using ProActive for years and it helped my skin, but I didn't see the overall results I wanted. With your Acne Blemish skin care, my skin is better than ever before. It doesn't dry my skin out, contains no alcohol, it's moisturizing and healing, and best of all my skin is radiant. The redness is gone within minutes, my skin isn't dry and flaking. It's a miracle. Thanks Taylor Made!

Customer comment: I have been using your skin care products with great success!  It has healed my skin of acne when all others had failed.  Thank you!! Elke from California

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Acne Facial Kit consists of (click on each item to read description and ingredient list)

1 -- 1oz Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser

1 -- 1oz Acne Blemish Facial Toner

1 -- 1/4oz Acne Blemish Facial Mask  use 2-3 times per week for extreme facial acne and 1-2 times per week for mild to moderate acne.

1 -- 1/4oz  Acne Blemish Facial Moisturizer  wonderful moisturizer, it's light and healing for face and skin. 

Acne Blemish Facial Cleansing Pads  (not with acne facial kit yet)