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Natural Organic Spa Collection Face Kits

Our Complexion chart will help you choose which product is right for your skin type or complexion.
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Our Facial Collection Kits now come in this unique reusable environmental friendly handbag. PLUS every kit contains tools to apply your products (boomerang spatula, full-size spatula, and fanning brush*)

PreMature, Mature, Aging Skin.

Acai' aka "Super Food" for the skin and body! "Acai Superior Anti-Aging Age Defying Facial Kit" This is nature's latest breakthrough. A formulation of Certified Organic CO2 extracts, Organic Herbal Extracts, pure essential oils, Vitamins and Minerals, and numerous healing organic oils to strengthen, toner, hydrate, and nurture aging and mature skin. You cannot find another anti-aging facial kit like this.

Orig. Price: $185.00

Sale Price: $147.95

Customized skin care kit, Taylor Made just for you! A customer who was using ProActive stated, "Your products work better than ProActive!". I have been using ProActive for years and it helped my skin, but I didn't see the overall results I wanted. With your Acne Blemish skin care, my skin is better than ever before. It doesn't dry my skin out, contains no alcohol, it's moisturizing and healing, and best of all my skin is radiant. The redness is gone within minutes, my skin isn't dry and flaking. It's a miracle. Thanks, Taylor Made!

Orig. Price: $100.00

Sale Price: $83.95

Normal to Sensitive Skin

Calendula has a rich yellow color that brightens every batch. It's rich in nutrients and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties while whipped with lavishing hydrating shea butter and coconut oil. Chamomile smells as precious as its name. Chamomile offers a sweet aroma and blazing healing properties for the skin.

Orig. Price: $98.00

Sale Price: $74.95

Normal to Sensitive Mature Aging skin

Power packed formula rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help soothe and protect the skin

Orig. Price: $134.00

Sale Price: $104.95